Shiji Xin

Shiji Xin

辛世计 Pronunciation: Shih-Chi Hsin

Peking University


Hi! I’m a senior student at Peking University, majoring in Machine Intelligence (Turing Class).

I’m lucky to work with Prof. Yixin Zhu and Dr. Chi Zhang on abstract reasoning.

Before that, I have worked with Prof. Jiajun Wu as a undergraduate visiting researcher (UGVR) at Stanford University on visual relationship understanding and Prof. Yisen Wang on domain generalization.

Download my resumé.

  • Cognitively Inspired Machine Learning
  • Abstract Reasoning (e.g., Causal Reasoning)
  • Compositional Generalization
  • Vision and Language
  • BSc in Machine Intelligence, 2023

    Peking University

Research Experiences

Peking University
Research Assistant
Peking University
Nov 2021 – Present Beijing
Working with Prof. Yixin Zhu and Chi Zhang on causal reasoning, visual reasoning, and compositional generalization.
Stanford University
Undergraduate Visiting Researcher
Stanford University
Jun 2022 – Aug 2022 Stanford
Worked with Prof. Jiajun Wu, Joy Hsu, Yunzhi Zhang, and Jiayuan Mao on visual relationship understanding.
Peking University
Research Assistant
Peking University
Jul 2021 – Oct 2021 Beijing
Worked with Prof. Yisen Wang and Yifei Wang on domain generalization.


(2023). MEWL: Few-shot multimodal word learning with referential uncertainty. submitted.



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AAAI 2023 Student Scholar
Tianchuang Scholarship
John Hopcroft Scholarship
Third-class Scholarship
Chinese Chemistry Olympiad Gold Medalist